Dapple Grey Mare Designs was started in May 2015.  I planned on doing a lot of riding this summer and from my experience with gnats, biting flies and mosquitoes last summer I wanted my horses to be more focused and calm on a ride. 

 I noticed a lot of friends using Cashell Riding Fly Masks to cover their horses faces and ears.  I liked the idea of it but personally wanted something not so bulky and over the top.  

Which is when I cam up with the idea of using an Ear Bonnet just like lots of eventers do. 

Why not also use them for trail riding?  

Eventing bonnets are usually black with some rhinestones here and there.  For trail riding I wanted something a bit more fun  So decided to make my own with some funky patterned fabric ears. 

Some friends saw them and wanted them too and that's where it all started.

All Ear bonnets are custom made by me in a pet friendly home.  If you are allergic to dogs or horses then you may not want to order a bonnet from me!!

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